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Weekly Spotlight Conversation featuring Sarang M.

Sarang has been a great supporter of CWDS and the Zouk scene in Singapore for the past year. He travels often between the UK, Singapore and Australia, dancing Zouk in any of the 3 countries whenever he can. He pops up regularly in our Brazilian Zouk classes whenever he's in town, and he's a great student we love! More recently, he sponsored 2 of our instructors to attend Singapore Brazilian Zouk Festival 2020 - A very generous gift! Read more about this all-around awesome guy below!

1) How long have you been dancing Zouk? About 2.5 years 2) When/where did you start dancing Zouk/other latin dances? I started off with Salsa in 2017 in Brisbane, Australia and then subsequently moved on to Bachata, Rueda De Casino and finally Zouk in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Over the past 1.5 years I have fallen more and more in love with Zouk and continued to learn and practice in Australia, Singapore and London 3) Your favourite Zouk project/event/classes thus far Every one of them. It's Zouk! It's hard to pick a favourite. Although for the sake of this question, I'll say Zouk Sensation 2019 (sadly I missed out on 2020) 4) Why do you enjoy it so much? Two words; connection and communication. To me, Zouk at its very core isn't about whether you are a basic or an advanced dancer. It's about connecting and communicating with your partner on the dance floor. Its magic when 2 dancers connect and communicate in perfect sync! 5) What is your favourite part about the Zouk/Zouk community? Irrespective of boundaries and physical distance, Its amazing to see how close-knit and welcoming the Zouk community around the world is!

6) What would you like to see more in SG Zouk scene or personal Zouk goals? In the SG Zouk scene, I don't have specific suggestions. Everyone at CWDS is doing a phenomenal job in bringing in international artists, holding more and bigger events etc. I know the efforts that goes behind this and my sincere thanks to each and every person at CWDS. On a personal note, my goal is become more consistent in learning and practicing Zouk. Since I travel quite frequently for work, I haven't yet been able to meet this goal 7) What do you do by day? I own and manage a consulting firms that works exclusively with restaurants and cafes around the world. We are like Gordon Ramsay but for the unglamorous and back office portion of the restaurant/cafe world :) 8) Any fun trivia facts about you? I write with my left hand but use the right for eating, sports etc. Essentially, I don't have a dominant hand when it comes to daily tasks 9) Who are some of your favourite Zouk dancers/Teachers? Quite a lot of people come to mind. I am going to start with my first teacher, Sasha Borogodo. Without her encouragement, I would have never been as passionate about Zouk as I am now. And then in no particular order, William & Paloma, Arthur & Layssa, Renata & Jorge, Greg, Karen, Randy and last but by no means the least, Cheryl Wu :)

10) Share a Zouk video that you really like! Here it is! (Sarang has shared this video directly from his Google storage files, but we have the public version here.)

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